Ibérico Bellota Ham

Julián Martín

Subtle aroma, intense flavor, delicate texture and its characteristic ruby color. We could describe our Ibérico Bellota (Acorn-fed) Ham, but only if you try our Jamón Ibérico Julián Martín you will taste the best ham in the world.

All our hams, shoulders, loins and Ibérico sausages come from certified Ibérico pork and are cured in our natural drying rooms and cellars, as it has always been done for 3 generations.

The quality of Julián Martín’s acorn-fed hams is determined by the racial purity of the pig, the “Montanera” period and the method of curing.

And you. How Iberian are you?

Ibérico Bellota Ham

Bellota Shoulder

Iberico Bellota Loin

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Sliced and Ready Iberico

100% Ibérico Bellota Ham

Our crown jewel. Racial Purity, excellent taste, more than four years aging in natural wineries of the Sierra de Guijuelo.

With each thin slice of this gourmet piece is released its delicate fragrance to pure acorn, fruit of the mountain in some of the best meadows of the peninsula, and its characteristic flavor of high intensity aromatic, juicy and very persistent in the mouth.

Try the best ham in Spain; Inimitable flavor, aroma and texture!


Do you want to immerse yourself in 80 years of history and tradition? We offer you a guided and tasting tour of our Ibérico hams and sausages.

You will learn about the secrets of the traditional production of Iberico, on a leisurely tour with no hurry. As much as the silence that permeates our maturing cellars…

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Tradition and quality

Julian Martin Hams

“After traveling to slaughterhouses when pigs are at their proper weight, the best hams will be on the market after even more than four years of slow healing”

Buy Bellota ham 100 Iberian is to buy the best ham in the world. A high quality product that we cure in natural wineries of Guijuelo and comes from Iberian pigs that have passed the mountain in ample meadows.

Perfectly identified, the hind legs of the animal are stacked between layers of sea salt for a day or so for each kilo of weight. In these chambers, at a maximum temperature of 5 º C and a relative humidity that can reach the 95, the hams are losing water, compacting their meat and favoring its conservation

From the temperature and humidity to which hams are cured to compliance with sanitary regulations or controls on genetics and feeding of pigs, technology has become a crucial tool, although the human factor and the traditional good doing has no possible substitution.

Tremendous spectacle to enter in the gloom of the natural dryers, permeable to the pure air of the Sierras. In natural dryers everything depends on the good work of the ham teachers, who will have to manage with methods like opening or closing the Windows, to control the external climatology.

Ageing in the cellar: when the autumn comes, the hams will pass from the dryers to the wineries where, already at cooler and stable temperatures, the aging process culminates.

JULIAN MARTIN has achieved BRC and IFS certifications as part of his efforts to raise quality standards at the highest level.