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Leader in the Iberian sector since 1933. Our history continues to grow.

Jamonturismo Julián Martín

 JULIAN MARTIN ha conseguido las certificaciones BRC e IFS como parte de sus esfuerzos por elevar sus estándares de calidad al más alto nivel.


Acorn-fed Ham 100% Iberian

Our crown jewel. Racial purity, excellent flavor, more than four years aging in natural cellars in the Sierra de Guijuelo and 100% acorn-fed porks. With each thin slice of this gourmet piece, its delicate fragrance of pure acorns, the fruit of the Montanera, is released. 
Acorn-fed Ham 100% Iberian

Iberian Acorn-fed Ham

Subtle aroma, intense flavor, delicate texture and a characteristic ruby color. We can describe our Iberian Acorn-fed Ham, but only if you buy Iberian Ham from Julián Martín will you be able to taste the best ham in the world. It comes from acorn-fed porks. 
Iberian Acorn-fed Ham

Iberian Free-range grain-fed Ham

From Iberian breed porks fed on natural pastures and feed. They are aged for 24 months with traditional systems in natural cellars. As they are raised in intensive farming, these animals develop their musculature and fat infiltration better. 
Iberian Free-range grain-fed Ham

Iberian grain-fed Ham

A fine and persistent flavor on the palate!Our Grain-fed Ham from Guijuelo is a high quality piece from Iberian breed porks fed on top quality cereals, and cured in centenary cellars that maintain the qualities of a ham with high expectations. 
Iberian grain-fed Ham

Frequent Questions

The payment methods allowed by Julián Martín are: Bizum, PayPal, bank transfer and Redsys.

The shipping costs for the entire Iberian Peninsula are free, to receive information on this subject if you want to place an order from outside please contact us at 923 581 151 or by e-mail tienda@julianmartin.es

All orders are being shipped by SEUR and the delivery time is 48/72 hours (working days) from the date of the order.

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Letonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, San Marino, Sweden.

Hams and shoulders on the bone should be stored in a dry place protected from temperature changes. Once the product has started to be cut, we recommend leaving it covered with the bacon that has been previously cut so that it maintains its juiciness and flavor. Packaged products, not other hand, are recommended to be kept at temperatures between 2o and 10o until the package is opened, once opened, keep in a cool and dry place.

Julián Martín has been in the Iberian ham sector since 1933, using traditional techniques acclimated to the technological advances that come naturally year after year. If you want to know more about the essence of Julián Martín, click here.

  • Regarding the breed of pork: 
    • 100% Iberia ham: it comes from 100% Iberian parents.
    • Crossbred: the % of crossbreeding with the Duroc breed must be specified.  
  • In terms of feed:
    • Iberian Ham: Iberian pork raised in the wild in the pastures and fed on natural pastures and acorns in their last months of fattening. 
    • Cereal-fed Ham: Iberian pork raised in the wild that have been fed on natural pastures and feed. 
    • Fodder-fed Ham: Iberian pork that have not been raised in the wild but on farms and whose feed is based on cereal and legume feed. 

You can find Julián Martín products in our physical store in Guijuelo (C/Filiberto Villalobos, 188) or in El Corte Inglés supermarkets. 

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