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Iberian Acorn-fed Ham

At Julián Martín you will find the best selection of Iberian hams for sale online.

Buying our Iberian Acorn-fed Ham is to enjoy a part of our Heritage. Unique pieces matured in natural drying cellars that provide the essence of an Acorn-fed Ham 100% Iberian.

Julián Martín would like offering to you unique and incomparable Iberian hams coming from our natural drying cellars. If you want to buy an Iberian Ham, we present you our select range of hams that preserve the essence of the breed they come from.

Taste our different Iberian hams of great quality: Acorn-fed Ham 100% Iberian, Iberian Acorn-fed Ham, Iberian Free-range Grain-fed Ham, Iberian Grain-fed Ham, sliced and boneless hams.

Buy Iberian Acorn-fed Ham. A memorable experience!

If you want to enjoy an authentic Acorn-fed Ham 100% Iberian, we offer you the best pieces from our drying cellars.

When you buy our Iberian Acorn-fed Ham, you are acquiring a product full of juiciness with a fine texture that is noticeable in each bite full of flavour.

With an elongated shape, delicate fragrance, shiny appearance and organoleptic properties.

Buying Acorn-fed Ham 100% Iberian means betting on quality; a great amount of fatty acids, oleic acid, vitamins, minerals and iron.

A very natural product!

Grain-fed Ham Iberian

When you buy Iberian Free-range Grain-fed Ham you are betting on quality, tradition and the development of animal welfare practices.

At Julián Martín we have always considered that animal welfare has a clear and direct impact on the quality of our products. As a result of the selection of pieces from our own pigs and a traditional production process, our Iberian Grain-fed Hams, matured in natural cellars in Guijuelo, are a real delicacy for the senses.

At the end of the curing process, each piece is selected according to criteria of texture, cala punch and morphology. Unique masterpieces!

Our respect for the criteria of animal welfare and craftsmanship are directly reflected in the appearance of the shiny golden pork rind and juicy reddish meat with fine infiltrations.

Buy Free-range Grain-fed Ham and Iberian Grain-fed Ham

At Julián Martín we offer you a selection of Iberian Free-range Grain-fed Hams and Iberian Grain-fed Hams coming from iberian pigs registered in the Herd Book that are carefully cared all their lives, as established by the guidelines of the quality standards for Iberian hams.

We guarantee you complete and truthful information about the nature and characteristics when you buy our Iberian Free-range Grain-fed Ham or Iberian Grain-fed Ham.

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