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Iberian Chorizo

Intense colour, characteristic smell and shiny meat.

A piece of Iberian Acorn-fed Chorizo will be always a delicacy for the palate. Julián Martín’s Iberian Chorizo is characterised by its homogeneous mincing, attractive shape and unique marbling. These select meats are mixed with natural spices, garlic and Jaraíz de la Vera paprika. Then, they are matured in Julián Martín’s natural drying cellars.

Buy Iberian Chorizo. Flavor for your palate!

Choose the best chorizo for your table from our wide range of Iberian Chorizos. Buy our Acorn-fed Chorizo 100% Iberian elaborated with superior pieces, dried in natural drying cellars and qualified with an incomparable juiciness. You can also choose from our range of Iberian Cereal-fed Chorizo in Thick Casing, Iberian Acorn-fed Chorizo Mast-feeding season, Iberian “mini-sausage” Chorizo Iberian Thin Dried Chorizo. Indescribable flavours full of iberian nuances!

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