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Iberian salchichon

Iberian Salchichon

A first class salami with unique qualities. When you buy Julián Martín’s Iberian Salchichon, you are betting on an intense aroma and flavour seasoned with delicate notes of pepper.

Our variety of Iberian Salchichon allows a wide range of tones and taste experiences. Enjoy a range of minced pork seasoned with the best spices: Iberian Acorn-fed Salchichon, Iberian Free-range Grain-fed Salchichon in Thick Casing, Iberian Acorn-fed Salchichon Mast-feeding season and Iberian mini-sausage Salchichon.

Buy Iberian Salchichon. For special moments!

At Julián Martín we elaborate our salchichon with high quality lean pork and natural spices. These pieces have powerful aromas and a great balance between texture and juiciness in the mouth. Buying Julián Martín’s salchichon means high quality. Enjoy our selection of Iberian Salchichon and taste pieces elaborated according to our traditional recipe.

A salchichon that will bring flavour to your table.

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