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Iberian Grain-fed Shoulder Center Julián Martín

This Iberian Cereal-fed Shoulder Center is a delicacy made entirely by hand. It is ideal to enjoy with the family and it’s boneless in pieces of around 1 kg to make easier its consumption.

The Iberian Cereal-fed Shoulder Center Julián Martín has an accentuated taste and an excellent quality, characteristic of Julián Martín’s products. After a careful curing process we obtain our hams and shoulders with a perfect level of infiltrated fat, providing its characteristic appearance of marbling with great juiciness.

Enjoy this iberian pleasure at an irresistible price!


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Features of the Cereal-fed Shoulder:

Origin: Guijuelo (Salamanca).

Elaboration: Guijuelo’s traditional method. Salted by hand in piles, natural drying sheds and cellars.

Curing time: 12 months in natural drying sheds.

Breeding: 50% or 75% iberian pigs inscribed in the Herd Book.

Feeding: natural feed and high quality cereals.

Shipping: whole piece.

No allergens.

Energy value1,478 Kj/353 Kcal
Fat29 g
Saturated fats11 g
Proteins29 g
Carbohydrates1 g
Total sugars0.4 g
Salt5 g

Why buy directly from Julián Martín’s store?

In Julián Martín, we are manufacturers who have been specialized for 3 generations exclusively in the production of high quality Iberian Ham and Sausages. We have maintained a tight product quality policy for more than 80 years.

We have kept the traditional manufacturing process almost unchanged: the quality of Iberian ham is only achieved with exceptional raw materials, a special climatology and time, a long period of time…

Our Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the product we change it at no additional charge. For more information you can contact us at +34 923 581 151 or by e-mail tienda@julianmartin.es

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