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This Valentine's Day, give Iberian Ham as a gift

We are sure that you are wondering what to give your partner for Valentine’s Day to surprise them and given that there is no better time in the year to show your love… Why not give them something that you can both enjoy?

There is no better plan than a romantic dinner, with candles, wine and of course, Iberian ham Julián Martín.

Take advantage of our Valentine's Day Raffle

In addition, we have prepared a draw for a Special Reserve Ham Finca Valle Ferreiros for all orders in our online shop between 1 and 14 (a larger number of orders will not give more options to participate as it will be assigned to a name).

Imagine giving a gift for Valentine’s Day to your partner in your routine and a little later you can give him/her another surprise with one of the most pampered products of our winery!

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