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Christmas Raffle JM

By placing your order you enter a raffle!

Christmas is here once again, a time to share, laugh and above all to show our affection for those people who are irreplaceable. This year, for each of the purchases you make in our online shop, you will be entered into a draw to win one of our most cherished products, the Finca Valle Ferreiros Reserve Ham.

The participation is very simple and it is important that you are clear about it: you will only be able to enter the draw once when you place an order. No matter how many orders you place later, you will only have one entry for the first one placed.

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As every year, ham and Iberian products are a must on any table because of all the tradition they bring with them and the flavour they add to any lunch or dinner. Moreover, for us these are the most eagerly awaited dates because many of you taste these products that we have been working on for a year.

We have nothing more to say than to wish you a happy festive season surrounded by your loved ones!

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